Otis College of Art and Desgin

Faculty/Staff Incident or Injury

Note. This form is for reporting an incident that occurred to a faculty or staff member. To report an incident occurring to a student, please use the Student Incident Report.

Please conserve, only print when necessary. If you must print, please do so after submitting the form, the information will be displayed afterwards in a format better suited for printing. You will also receive an email containing all of the information.

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Reporter/Observer Information
By clicking "Make my report anonymous" below, the College is limited in the scope of our investigation. The College will do its due diligence to investigate based on the information provided in this report.
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Your name, phone, and email is required if (but only if) "Make my report anonymous" is not checked.
Injured/Victim Information
Nature of Incident
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Please be as specific as possible including building, floor, area, etc.
Please describe in your own words what happened in as much detail as possible.
If applicable, describe any property damage/loss.
Individuals Involved
This may include witnesses.
Action Taken
Police Response
Fire Department Response
Paramedics Response
First Aid